The Gems

The most precious gem is the diamond. Orr’s is an expert in diamonds, and we have a lot of useful information in our diamond buying guide, but here is a look at some other popular gem stones and their meanings

Garnett – January; Called the “Stone of Commitment.”  It’s dark red tone is often used as symbol of commitment in a relationship or steadfast commitment to the task at hand.

Amethyst – February; Called “The Bishops Ring”.  It is often linked to spiritual content but the beautiful purple tones have become widely popular in designer jewelry.

Aquamarine – March; Called the “stone of courage.”   This gem represents order and tolerance.  A scholarly gem worn by those who stay prepared for what lies ahead.

Diamond – April; Diamonds are, without a doubt, the most important gem of our century.  Take the time to learn the intracacie of the diamond on our buying guide.

Emerald – May;

Pearl – June; Pearls have been a valued part of gemology since the beginning of history.  The Pearl is organic in nature, so some say it was the first precious gem.  The most valuable pearls are natural (uncultured), perfectly round, perfectly smooth and with a high luster. The value of a peice of pearl jewelry (e.g. strand or earrings) is also strongly affected by how well the pearls are matched. The most valuable pearl jewelry contains pearls that are as identical as possible.

Ruby – July; Called the “king of the gemstones”. It’s red color represents love, warmth and vitality.

Peridot; August; Greeks called peridot “evening emerald” because its color became a deeper green at night.  This often worn to represent insightfulness.

Sapphire – September; Also known as the “stone of prosperity” is believed to help the wearer remain open to beauty, thus giving you piece of mind and tranquility.

Opal – October; Sometimes called “The fire” is worn to represent creativity and spontaneity.

Citrine– November; Called the “merchant’s stone” has a beautiful ability to depress light, opposite of a diamond.  The deeper the orange the more valuable.

Topaz – December; To the Ancient Greeks it meant strength, the the clarity and color of a Topaz is very important to the value.


Gems can be a wonderful birthday present for the one’s you love.